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Homeland is a link (Sila)
Grant your children a connection with their homeland.
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Language is a link (Sila)
Mother language is the only persisting link between a person and his origin.
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The Arabic Language is a link (Sila)
The Arabic Language is an immortal fundamental link for the fifth of the world’s population. It is inevitably a link!
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What do we offer?

We teach the Arabic Language in an efficient and developed way allowing the easy transfer of knowledge to Arab expatriate children in a friendly and lovely environment, thus enabling them to attain successful oral and written communication using their mother tongue.

The idea of this project derives from the need of Arab expatriate children to learn their mother language significantly amid COVID 19 pandemic that made distance learning available in different ways using exciting techniques.

Who are we?

A group of qualified native Arabic language teachers with comprehensive expertise in language teaching and curriculum development for different levels and students’ ages, especially expatriate children (starting 4 years old) who would like to learn their mother language formally or informally. We aim at motivating these children to read, speak, and write the Arabic Language using a communicative approach.

Our Programs

Teenager boy study at home. Online education and distance learning for children

Summer Program

Starts from July 1st –August 31st

Online kid remote learning

Winter Program

Starts from October 1st – May 31st

Online school at home. Kid study with laptop, playing video games

Special Program

Live individual learning program

Teenager blonde girl having difficulties with studying

Academic Consultation Service

The center includes a special section for educational consultations

Free Placement Session

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